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The Piano Stool is the leading piano stool website with the widest choice of styles, colours and fabrics.

Our comprehensive yet simple navigation helps find the ideal stool for you. If you are not sure what type of stool you require then view our browse pages to see an image of every style of stool that we supply.

Every single style and option can be purchased directly from our web site. You will not have to contact us to find out what colours and styles are available or have to wait for a catalogue.

Browse by price:- solo or duet.

solo piano stool

solo piano stool

solo piano stools

See our vast range of solo stools. Every type from a simple straight leg stool to a deep buttoned, leather covered stool with turned regency style legs. With a large choice of fabrics and wood colours you are sure to be able to match your new stool to its surrondings.

duet piano stool

duet piano stool

duet piano stools

Whether you want a stool to fit two or just want a little more room for yourself we have a wide choice of duet stools with one to suit you.

classic piano stool

classic style piano stool

classic style piano stools

These classic styled stools will complement any antique or traditional piano.

round piano stool

round piano stool

round piano stools

A round stool was once very common. Not so popular now but still prefered by some.

concert piano stool

concert piano stool

concert piano stools

A luxurious deep buttoned leather topped concert stool will add that touch of class.

double seat piano stool

double seat piano stool

double seat piano stools

These double seat stools, also known as a teachers stool, are perfect for players of differing heights. Ensuring that you are both at the correct height as your posture is of the utmost importance.

why buy a piano stool here?

Quality products:-
We only supply quality stools which are all made here in the UK.

Widest choice:-
We provide the widest choice of options available for order direct from our web site. There is no need to contact us for details of our products or wait for a catalogue, just order your new stool online in the colour and finish of your choice. We have thousands of different possible combintaions from which to choose.

Secure payment:-
We use a leading independent UK based online payment company, specialising in providing a safe and secure payment gateway for your peace of mind.

Hand finished piano stools from the music stool specialists. View our huge range of quality products all made and finished in the colour and fabric of your choice to match your piano and its surroundings.

Many schools and collages choose us to fulfil their needs and we have even provided Ben Sherman with bulk orders to be used in their changing rooms as far afield as Dubai.


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We have the larget collection of music and piano stools available. Select from our huge range of options to obtain your new stool in the style, colour and finish you require. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then we can finish your new stool in fabric supplied by you. With delivery to anywhere in the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Nottingham and Sheffield.

piano for sale

Reid-Sohn piano finished in polygloss walnut with piano stool.

Beautiful Reid-Sohn piano finished in polygloss walnut. Superb sound, imperial german scale, 3 pedal. Very well looked after. It was bought from Templers of Rothley in Leicestershire at a guess I would say it is about 20 years old. But looks as good as the day it was bought a very attracive peice. Comes with walnut duet piano stool with storage. The stool was bought just a year ago and has had no wear at all. Please phone 07904990834.

Reid Sohn upright piano with piano stool

larger image