woodhouse piano stools

solo piano stools

Woodhouse piano stools are available in a wide range of styles, wood and fabric colours. All are made to order and hand finished.
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Woodhouse solo piano stool

woodhouse solo piano stool

Woodhouse solo piano stools

See our vast range of Woodhouse solo piano stools. Every type from a simple straight leg stool to a deep buttoned, leather covered stool with turned regency style legs. With a large choice of fabrics and wood colours you are sure to be able to match your new stool to its surrondings.

Woodhouse duet piano stool

woodhouse duet piano stools

Woodhouse duet piano stools

Wether you want a stool to fit two or just want a little more room for yourself we have a wide choice of duet piano stools with one to suit you.

Woodhouse classic piano stool

woodhouse classic style piano stool

Woodhouse classic style piano stools

These Woodhouse classic styled piano stools will complement any antique or traditional piano.

These Woodhouse piano stools are available in a wide variety of styles. With the choice of fabric and wood colours along with, in some cases, the type of leg we have thousands of possible combinations.