Woodhouse MS703

Woodhouse MS703 adjustable solo piano stool with metal legs

The Woodhouse MS703 adjustable solo piano stool.

Slightly shorter than the standard stools. With metal frame and legs, covered in a black leatherette fabric. Adjustable seat height. An adjustable stool with music storage is also available.

Most Woodhouse piano stool are supplied in a satin finish as standard with gloss available at extra cost. A solo piano stool can be ordered in a poly-gloss finish. A non-adjustable organ height stool is also available.

UK postage is included in the price. These piano stools are all made to order and delivery normally takes between two to three weeks.

MS703 metal leg

Woodhouse MS703 - metal leg adjustable piano stool
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Sorry, this stool is no longer available.

MS703 adjustable piano stool with metal frame and legs. Please note that this is slightly shorter that our standard stools. Without music storage, covered with a black leatherette seat fabric.

 46cm wide, 30cm deep and 46.5/55.5cm high.
(approx. 18" wide, 12" deep and 18 to 22" high)

 music storage
 adjustable height
 choice of leg